Federal Iron Works Sdn Bhd (FIW), the pioneer of Galvanised & Prepainted Steel product manufacturer in Malaysia, has established a renowned reputation as the leading manufacturer of high quality steel coated products with more than 60 years of presence in Malaysia.

Adopting the state-of-the-art galvanising technology utilising Non-Oxidizing Furnace [NOF], continuous galvanizing and colour coating lines, FIW is able to offer coated steel products that meet the requirements of international accepted standards as well as the ever discerning demand of specifiers and end-users.


Project: Food Manufacturing Factory
Material: ColourMaxx Alpha Excel
Application: Wall Cladding

Project: MRT Kota Damansara
Material: GalMaxx & C.Extreme
Application: Floor Decking & PVdF Roofing

Project: Multi Purpose Hall, Pekan, Pahang
Material: ColourMaxx Premiera
Application: Roofing