ColourMaxx Extreme

ColourMaxx Extreme



A PVdF paint system coated on Galvanised Iron (GalMaxx) substrate that is designed to offer outstanding weathering properties for harsh environment. The extraordinary paint coating remains stable under UV light and able to provide superior chalking resistance.

  • PVDF is the most preferred premier coating system in coil coating industry.
  • The binder in this coating contains more than 70% polyvinylidene fluoride which offers a unique combination of excellent outdoor durability, formability and chemical resistance.
  • Withstand long hours of UV-radiation without indicating any sign of degradation.
  • Able to withstand extreme corrosion depending on the thickness of coatings and can be applied with various options of Primer and PVdF coating combinations.
  • The colour retention ability totally outperforms any other conventional products in the market.
  • PVdF finishes resist dirt pickup, chalking, fading and UV degradation.
  • The PVdF film has good resistance against chipping, cracking, crazing, erosion, abrasion and impact.
  • Optimized 99.7% zinc coating Galvanised Iron (GalMaxx®) substrate offers good formability, corrosion performance and cut-edge resistance.

Assured Quality & Warranty

Assured Quality And Warranty

ColourMaxx Extreme steel comes with a product warranty up to period of:

30 years warranty* against metal perforation by natural weathering.

20 years warranty* against peeling and f1aking.

20 years warranty* against colour fading and chalking

* Terms & conditions apply
* Applicable to Z275 coating mass


Sample Warranty

Technical Data

Range of Standard Colours

Range of Standard Colours

The visual of the Colour Chart may differ from various devices. Please contact our esteemed Sales team for actual Colour Chart hard copy for better viewing


For industrial or residential roofing & cladding, metal ceilings & louvers


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