ColourMaxx Lumina

ColourMaxx Lumina



ColourMaxx® Lumina is a high performance polyester-based prepainted on Galvanised Iron (GalMaxx®) steel substrate for indoor and outdoor applications. It is coated with elegant textured surface to enhance aesthetic appeal of the building.

Textured Coating

Textured coating are specially formulated to provide high quality and long lasting material. They are excellent choices for weatherproof and facade products requiring excellent protective surface. It is innovatively designed for improvement from conventional coating that offers ability to mask minor scratches and fingerprints, and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the roof. Besides that, the Galvanised Iron (GalMaxx®) substrate provides good formability, corrosion performance and cut-edge resistance. Customization is available for various types of textured finish to suit different aesthetic requirements.

Assured Quality & Warranty

Assured Quality And Warranty

ColourMaxx Lumina steel comes with a product warranty up to period of:

20 years warranty* against metal perforation by natural weathering

10 years warranty* against peeling and flaking

5 years warranty* against colour fading and chalking


* Terms & conditions apply
* Applicable to Z180 coating mass


Sample Warranty

Technical Data


For industrial or residential roofing & cladding, metal ceilings & louvers


Sample Warranty