Trusted for Truss


With natural defenses to help it survives in harsh environmental conditions, T-Maz Sky its strength and excellent formability in mighty inspirational blue tinted steel.

With its highly distinctive brown colour, T-maz Oak is manufactured to give alternative option for houses built from traditional timber frame. T-Maz Oak is non fire propagated, crack resist, and will not warp. In fact its consistency in strength can easily match timber characterististic.


T-MAZ is an improved version of steel framing material that can offer higher durability compared to regular galvanized steel.

Combined with the benefits of GalMaxx® Alpha Hot-Dip Zn 5% Al-Mg Alloy Coated Steel, T-MAZ is treated with excellent corrosion and fingerprint resistance chemical that improves exterior durability which make it a trusted choice for roof structure & wall framing material.

Conforming to AS 1397, JIS G 3317 and other equivalent standards, T-MAZ is a structural grade material that provides superior strength suitable for truss, batten and purlin applications.


  • Excellent formability that can withstand severe fabricating process
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance in both flat and deformed state
  • Reliable performance in harsh environment
  • Excellent corrosion resistance under acidic & alkaline environment
  • Recommended in agricultural structures, livestock farming, or concrete &mortar structures
  • High rust resistant on cut edge by sacrificial protection
  • Good soil repellant
  • Higher durability than regular galvanized steel offering longer years of service life
  • Listed product approved by SIRIM
  • Warranty up to *50 years

*Note: Terms & conditions apply

Excellent Formability

Excellent Formability

The increased formability of T-MAZ has improved corrosion resistance after deformation. Therefore, fabrication has been allowed on T-MAZ which has superior corrosion resistance in the deformed state.

No red rusting has occurred on the bent area at 2000 hours of Salt Spray Test for T-MAZ.

Excellent Cut Edge Resistance

Excellent Cut Edge Resistance

The illustrations show that T-MAZ provides good sacrificial protection at edges under similar corrosive environment.

No red rusting has occurred on the cut edge at 2000 hours of Salt Spray Test for T-MAZ.



TM ‘s sacrificial corrosion protection mechanism on cut edge:-

  • Phase 1 : oxidizing agent (moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) from environment will react with base metal a few days after outdoor exposure.
  • Phase 2 : sacrificial protection layer will form after 6 months.
  • Phase 3 : self-healing process by zinc coating will cover up cut edge gradually



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