Material Handling & Storage

Guide to handling, Installation a Maintenance of ColourMaxx & ColourMaxx Alpha Prepainted Steel


Transport should be effected under conditions which protect the product as far as possible from damp and wet on the one hand and shock and abrasion on the other

  • It is advisable to check the condition of the material on delivery and to note any mechanical damage or damage due to ingress of water and / or any other types of contaminants
  • Any such damage should be registered without delay with the transporters and insurers since transit damage is normally not the responsibility of the coil coater
  • If moisture is found to be present, the pack must be opened immediately and the sheets separated and thoroughly dried.


Care and storage of ColourMaxx® & ColourMaxx Alpha® Prepainted Steel prior to installation is vital to the life of the product installed. If not required for immediate use, stack sheets or bundles neatly and clear of the ground at an angle to allow drainage. The sheeting must be protected from rain and moisture with tarpaulins. Rain or condensation is easily drawn between the surface of nested sheets by capillary action or driven in by wind action, and as this trapped moisture cannot evaporate normally, it can cause deterioration of the surface coating by “crevice corrosion” which may lead to a reduced life expectancy or poor appearance (wet storage stain).


Bending and roll-forming of ColourMaxx® & ColourMaxx Alpha® Prepainted Steel should preferably be carried out dry. Lubricants such as kerosene or distillate should not be used because they soften the paint film. It is to be noted that the minimum bend radii recommended for ColourMaxx® & ColourMaxx Alpha® products should not be reduced as cracking of the paint film could occur. While these cracks are not always visible to the naked eyes they may harbour dirt and when used as external building components, result in tension bend corrosion.


Selection of fasteners and accessories is crucial in ensuring the prepainted sheets enjoy maximum life

  • Lead and copper should never be used and come into direct contact with ColourMaxx® & ColourMaxx Alpha® Prepainted Steel
  • Only galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium or zinc-aluminium alloy is recommended.


Steel debris arising from cutting or piercing with friction saws, abrasive discs or drills and other metal scraps, such as rivet shanks, nails, screws and nuts, if left on a prepainted steel surface, will cause rust stains which will detract from the finished appearance. Steel debris should be swept or hosed from the pre painted steel at the end of each day until installation work is complete.


Do not match and mix ColourMaxx® & ColourMaxx Alpha® Prepainted Steel with “same colour” prepainted products from other sources on the same project. Differences in colour will be noticeable after sometimes due to different pigmentation and resin combinations used in paint manufacturing resulting in different dirt retention levels.


Overspray air-dry touch up paint weathers at a different rate to the oven dried paint used on ColourMaxx® & ColourMaxx Alpha® Prepainted Steel and eventually you will notice an unsightly blemish on the sheet. Our recommendation is not to touch-up. Minor scratching will not affect the life of the sheet and is rarely obvious to a casual observer. Should damage be substantial the sheet should be replaced.


To get the maximum performance from ColourMaxx® & ColourMaxx Alpha® Prepainted Steel roof it is vital you treat it with care

  • Areas not washed by rainwater need regular hosing which will enhance the attractiveness and product life of the prepainted sheets.