Non Painted Steel Product

Non Painted Steel Products

GalMaxx (Galvanised Iron – G.I. ) and GalMaxx Alpha (Zn 5% Al-Mg) are engineered to be versatile, durable, lightweight and flexible that allow easy forming into many building products that include roof trusses, roof battens, floor deckings, window and door frames, air conditioned ducting and other pre-engineered components. Both products able to provide durable protection from the corrosive and aggressive environments.

Excellent Formability, Superior Cut Edge Protection & Excellent Acid and Alkaline Corrosion Resistance

GalMaxx Alpha® is a high corrosion resistance hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and coil with superior formability. It is a new generation of hot dip galvanised steel coil that contains predominantly Zinc, 5% Aluminium and a trace of magnesium

Combined with the benefits of GalMaxx Alpha, T-Maz is treated with excellent corrosion and finger print resistance chemical that improves exterior durability which make it a trusted choice for roof structure & wall framing material Treated with clear anti finger print resin coating.

With its highly distinctive brown colour, T-MAZ Oak is manufactured to give alternative option for houses built from traditional timber frame. T-MAZ Oak is non fire propagated, crack resist, and will not warp. In fact its consistency in strength can easily match timber characteristic.

With natural defenses to help it survives in harsh environmental conditions, T-MAZ Sky express its strength and excellent formability in mighty inspirational blue tinted steel.