Prepainted Steel Product

Prepainted Steel Products

ColourMaxx Alpha & ColourMaxx products, in addition to providing corrosion protection, the prepainted surface offers long lasting performance. A wide range of colours selection & material specification suitable for roofing, wall cladding, ceiling panels and other applications. It has the flexibility to enhance the aesthetic and durability to various type of building.

Excellent Formability, Superior Cut Edge Protection & Excellent Acid and Alkaline Corrosion Resistance

ColourMaxx Alpha® is our newly developed, new generation of Prepainted steel product using GalMaxx Alpha® substrate that contains 95% Zinc, 5% Aluminium and a trace amount of Magnesium. It is able to provide outstanding performance.

Good corrosion resistance and cut-edge protection.

ColourMaxx® an optimization of 99.7% zinc coating substrate with customized paint system for good corrosion resistance and cut-edge protection.